Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles

It’s no real shock that Frank Lloyd Wright, the greatest American architect of all time, was commissioned to design and build several houses in the Los Angeles area at various points during his 70-year career. The list below, in order by year built, offers not only a description and location for each building, but also a small view into the evolution of the master architect’s designs over time.

Secret Hollywoodland Stairs

There are a ton of hidden gems in LA, but visiting the Hollywoodland Staircases is a mandatory experience for any self-respecting LAer. Tourists beware: parking is tight, so watch out for the newly placed “Permit Only” parking signs.

So what are these stairs? Where are they? What’s the best route to see them? Here’s all the best info with the best map and suggested hiking route you’ll find anywhere.

Best Places to View the Hollywood Sign

The first thing most LA visitors want to see is the famous Hollywood Sign. Here’s the short and sweet: it’s not going to be easy. At the best of times, Los Angeles is a large, smoggy city. And if you want to see the sign at night, it’s unlit—though that didn’t used to be the case. In 1923, when the sign first went up, it went up with lights (4,000 lights to be exact), making it easily visible at night. And it was awesome. But years later the sign fell into such disrepair that in 1978 the sign was rebuilt…