Hoof Picks

Very often I get a new student picking a hoof saying, “I don’t want to hurt her.”  Usually I say something to the effect of, “She weighs one thousand pounds, don’t worry about it.  Ferriers use knives to shape the frog so these dull picks won’t hurt her even if you try.”


Pick’s I like: Normal old cheap bent around glorified screwdriver.  Even though the rubber handle grip will wear out over time, they are just about indestructible and cheaply replaceable.

Pick’s I don’t like: Those ones with thick plastic handles (sometimes they have a useless brush on the back) with a flat metal pick.  The pick bends/breaks easily which leaves you stranded with nothing but a useless hunk of plastic.

Must have in a hoof pick: Strength.  Get something unbendable.  Size.  Get something small enough to fit in your emergency pack, or back pocket.


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