Read over these frequently asked questions and be better prepared for your tour at Sunset Ranch!

Do we need a reservation?
We strongly recommend making a reservation. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance through our website. If you do not make a reservation at least one day in advance you can come up as a walk-in for our Day Tours. We do not take reservations the day of. Walk-ins are first come, first served, should allow for a wait and are subject to availability.

What time should we arrive for our reservation?
You should plan on arriving 15-30 minutes prior to the time of your reservation. Tours go out on the hour and you need to allow time for parking, paperwork and to be assigned a horse. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the time of your reservation. For example, if you have an 11am booking you should plan to arrive by 10:45am. If you arrive at 11am for an 11am booking you will likely have to wait for the next available tour, as to not hold up the works. *Always plan on there being traffic, it’s LA after all.

What is your cancellation policy?
Our booking system will remind you, but there is always a 20% cancellation fee to cancel a reservation. We ride rain or shine, but will happily reschedule your tour if you send us an email to request a date or time change prior to the time of your original reservation.

Tip for bigger groups: If you are unsure of the exact number of riders in your party, book for the number of riders that are definite, you can always book for another few riders up until one day beforehand and we will get you all out on trail together.

What should we wear?
Jeans or trousers and closed toe shoes are strongly recommended! Sneakers or boots with a small heel are best! No one will be turned away based on attire, but riding in shorts, flip flops, high-heeled shoes and/or dresses/skirts is not recommended for comfort and safety.

Are helmets required?
Yes, you cannot ride without a helmet! We provide helmets free of charge. If you have your own riding helmet you are more than welcome to bring it! Bicycle helmets don’t make the cut.

What should we bring with us?
You can take a phone or small camera with you on trail but not a bag. We can keep all loose items safe for you in our office while you ride. There is not much shade on trail so you will most likely want to have sunscreen. We sell drinks such as water and Gatorade, but do not have any snacks. *Please, no selfie sticks.

Do you have any rider restrictions?
Children must be 8 years old or older and adults must weigh under 240 lbs. These restrictions are due to our insurance policy and there are no exceptions. We also do not recommend horseback riding if you have had any recent surgeries, have any neck/back/hip/knee/foot injuries or if you are pregnant.

How does gratuity work?
Please bring cash if you would like to tip your guide. Fifteen to twenty percent of your tour cost is recommended. We do not have an ATM on site and cannot provide cash back, so bring cash with you! Some of our guides can accept gratuity by credit/debit card (but most of those apps like Square and Paypal then take a percentage).

What are the trails like?
You are riding through Griffith Park and along the edge of steep hills the entire way. Part of what makes the park so beautiful is its mountainous terrain. The trails are wide, but the horses walk near the edge instinctively to keep an eye on their surroundings. We do not recommend a tour if you have a severe fear of heights.

Are your rides beginner friendly?
Absolutely! The horses walk at a relaxed pace, in a line. You will have one or more guides with you out on trail. *Your level of riding experience will not change the pace of the ride, due to Griffith Park rules the horses cannot trot, canter or gallop.