Secret Hollywoodland Stairs

There are a ton of hidden gems in LA, but visiting the Hollywoodland Staircases is a mandatory experience for any self-respecting LAer. Tourists beware: parking is tight, so watch out for the newly placed “Permit Only” parking signs.

So what are these stairs? Where are they? What’s the best route to see them? Here’s all the best info with the best map and suggested hiking route you’ll find anywhere.

What the heck are they?

In 1923, the Crescent Sign Company erected the Hollywoodland sign to advertise its new Hollywoodland housing community in the hills above Hollywood. Concerned about walkability in the steep hillside community, the developers used granite from the nearby Bronson Quarry (now colloquially known as the Bat Cave), which was used to build much of the neighborhood (including the famed entrance gates), to construct staircases to make the community more accessible by foot. Over the years some new cement sections have been added, but that hasn’t detracted from the awesomeness of the Hollywoodland Staircases.

Where the heck are they?

In the old Hollywoodland Housing Community around Beachwood Drive under the Hollywood Sign.

What the heck is the best way to traverse them?


Click on the map for a printable version.

Start by walking north on Beachwood Dr. The first set of stairs is on the right just before the house at 2810.

1) Beachwood Dr. up to Westshire Dr. Turn right then stay to the right.

The next set will be after the house at 2748. Look for the evil gnome.

2) Westshire Dr. up to Hollyridge Dr. Turn left then stay to the right.

The next set will be accross from 3062 which has double super cool garage doors.

3) Hollyridge Dr. down to Beachwood Dr. Turn left then slight right at Woodshire.

The next set is the one most people know. It’s got a plaque. Read it.

4) Woodshire Dr. up to Belden Dr. Turn left then stay on Belden Dr.

The next set it right next to the house at 2917. It looks a bit like someone’s trashy walkway at the beginning. Give it time. This just may be the best.

5) Belden Dr. up to Durand Dr. Turn left, left on Flagmoor Pl., Left on Belden Dr.

This next is the second set of stairs on Belden Dr. It’s accross from 2867.

6) Belden Dr. down to Woodshire Dr. Turn left back down to Beachwood Dr.

Remember: Beachwood Dr. can get busy. Keep your eyes peeled for cars and don’t get hurt. Also keep in mind that people live here, so be respectful of their homes when visiting these hidden Hollywood gems.

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  1. I grew up in Hollywood—so everything mention is a been there, done that. How many remember the Coconut Grove? But as Ralph Story would say “things that aren’t there anymore.” Thank you for the article and the trip down memory lane.
    I love LA !

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